Member Testimonials

Andrew Dunn

President Mobile Guarding Division North America, Securitas USA​​​​​​​

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Andrew Dunn HeadshotAndrew Dunn Headshot
“First and foremost, I wanted to thank SACC-DC for reaching out and allowing us the privilege of acting as a sponsor for the 2017 Swedish Embassy Open Golf Tournament.

We have participated in many different networking group events and golf tournaments in the past but the vibe of the SACC group is unmatched! It was a great experience having one of our local Managers setup a table near the tee box which allowed us to meet every participant, see a few amazing drives, see even more terrible ones and make bonds that have lasted long after the tournament was over. And who doesn’t like a mid-morning cinnamon roll and Fika?!

We look forward to sponsoring the 2018 tournament and playing this year to represent Team Securitas. Thank you so much to Gabrielle for being a gracious host and making the process a piece of cake.”

Jim Solyst

Swedish Match North America​​​​​​​

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Jim Solyst HeadshotJim Solyst Headshot
"I started working for Swedish Match in 2012. As Vice President for Federal Regulatory Affairs my job is to guide the Company through the US regulatory process, specifically to oversee preparation of applications and comments submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). My many years of regulatory science experience in Washington enabled me to provide immediate and hopefully useful contributions to the Company. But what I lacked was a solid understanding of Sweden, particularly a sense of Swedish government and the commercial scene. This liability was quickly overcome by joining SACC DC and benefitting greatly from the range of events and opportunities presented.

By engaging in the opportunities presented by SACC DC, as well as SACC USA, I was able to greatly increase my knowledge and understanding of Sweden, have access to elected officials and key staff, and to have great fun while doing so. SACC DC is my “home base”: I serve on the Board and Swedish Match is a corporate member. But the Company has also benefitted from interacting with other regional SACCs and participating in the Executive Summit and other SAAC USA events.”

Jim Creevy

Vice President, Government Relations at ABB​​​​​​​

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Jim Creevy HeadshotJim Creevy Headshot
“In a city that can appear overwhelming and impersonal, SACC-DC provides a personal network of business leaders in Washington, DC and forums to help ABB connect with the people and institutions influencing key public policy matters.”

Michael Andersson

Head of Saab’s Market Area North America, President & CEO of Saab North America Inc.

Michael Andersson HeadshotMichael Andersson Headshot
“A uniquely Washington DC-positioned network where you can find deep knowledge and experience in a wide array of professional disciplines! The Swedish-American business relations are obviously the main attraction, but you can expect to build relationships that provide experience and insights in many more areas of interest.”