The SACC DC team is a dynamic group consisting of Business Associates, Trainees, and our Executive Director – all here to serve our member companies and execute the mission of our organization. Our talented Business Associates are available for an internship at our member companies under the J-1 Visa program – please reach out to our Executive Director if you would like to learn more!

Björn Porlein

Manager Associate

Björn Porlein joined the SACC-DC team in May 2023 as an Interim Executive Director, working as a Manager Associate. He holds an MBA from the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics, and Law and brings valuable experience from his previous role at SKF AB. Regarding his most recent experience, Björn was honored with the prestigious Sten-Olof Palm scholarship from the Gothenburg Retailers’ Association, which enabled him to work at SACC-USA for a year, closely assisting Karin Hammar, the Corporate Executive Director. In this capacity, Björn oversaw board engagement, membership, and events, also serving as the project manager for the SACC Executive Forum. With his dynamic, highly talented, and motivated approach, Björn will ensure active engagement within SACC-DC.
Fun fact: Björn grew up in a medieval castle called Burg Abenberg, where his parents ran a gourmet restaurant.
Mathias Petersen HeadshotMathias Petersen Headshot

Mathias Petersen

Business Associate

Mathias recently completed his bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics at the University of Gothenburg with a major in Economics. Following an exchange semester in Santiago, Chile, he developed a strong appetite for further international experience. He is interested in business, entrepreneurship and international affairs. In his spare time he likes to play tennis and spend time outdoors. During his time at SACC-DC he aims to acquire a deeper understanding of American business culture and immerse himself in the unique opportunities presented by the United States.
Fun Fact: Mathias took his driving license in Spain, where he lived during high school. 
David Ragnesand HeadshotDavid Ragnesand Headshot

David Ragnesand

Business Associate

David graduated from the University of Lund with a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics with a major in Finance. Looking for ways to receive training in finance, as well as an opportunity to gain experience within a field he is deeply passionate about, international trade, he applied to SACC-DC. Having previously studied in the United States, David now seeks to gain further knowledge about American culture in a professional setting. Outside of work, David is a passionate soccer supporter for the Stockholm-based team Djurgården but also enjoys playing soccer, running and reading.

Fun Fact: David loves Tabasco hot sauce and will put it on almost everything he eats.
Philippa Köhler HeadshotPhilippa Köhler Headshot

Philippa Köhler

Business Development Intern

Philippa comes from Stockholm, although in recent years she has been living in Lund where she just completed her bachelor's degree in Strategic Communication and Digital media. She is interested in marketing, project management, and international relations. Philippa has always been interested in living and working in the United States. Additionally, she loves meeting new people, which is why SACC-DC felt like the perfect fit for her. She hopes SACC-DC will provide her with the chance to immerse herself in the American experience, both personally and professionally.

Fun Fact: On her third year in Lund she took a sabbatical year to work as CMO for Gothenburg Nation, even though she is from Stockholm.