Trainee Program

The one-year trainee program at SACC-DC consists of two parts: a 6 month full-time traineeship at the chamber followed by an additional 6 months divided part-time between the chamber and a member company.
Person typing on a laptopPerson typing on a laptop


At SACC-DC we strive to enrich your learning opportunity and to open new doors, in order to enhance your professional career. We are able to provide you with a valuable experience in a broad setting, offer insight into a non-profit organization as well as expose you to the Swedish-American business relations. Since we are strategically located in House of Sweden you will be given the opportunity to intern closely with the Embassy of Sweden as well as with other Swedish corporations and non-profit organizations.


SACC-DC also offers internship opportunities on a continuous basis. 
See here for requirements and how to apply.


During my year at SACC-DC, I have grown immensely professionally and personally – and the network I have gained from the Chamber has been invaluable. Working alongside business leaders from both the U.S. and Sweden has been a unique opportunity to learn how business works from both sides of the Atlantic.

- Julia Jager

Business Associate 2021-2022
Representing SACC-DC as a Business Associate throughout 2022 proved a profoundly rewarding experience to my professional and personal developments alike. Through a diverse program encompassing assignments in accounting, project management and marketing to name a few, I developed a broad skill set that polished my general business acumen.

- Noel Rodhe

Business Associate 2022
An internship at SACC-DC is an excellent experience for anyone looking for an international adventure where they can develop their professional skills. I have learned tremendously by arranging high-profile events together with member companies. This internship is full of unforgettable memories where you meet friends for life!

- Kerstin Larsson

Business Development Intern 2022